Referee Instruction

The State Director of Instruction (SDI) carries out the National Instructional Program at the State level by conducting:

  1. Entry Level Referee Courses (8).  Grade 9 Referee Course is no longer offered.
  2. Grade 9 to Grade 8 Bridge no longer offered.  To upgrade from Grade 9 to Grade 8 must attend an Entry Level Grade 8 course.
  3. In-service Training (Recertification Clinics) for referees
  4. Training and development of referee instructors
  5. Developing and furnishing materials, aids and interpretations to support the instructional program.

The SDI Interprets the Laws of the Game at the State level.

The SDI also serves as a liaison in matters pertaining to instruction and interpretations of the Laws between the Federation and the State Associations.

For more information about the Instructional programs in Colorado or if you have Laws interpretation questions, please contact Chuck Locke, State Director of Instruction.

Clinic Instructions and Forms:

Download 'Application to Host a Clinic' Instructions (12/07/14)

Download an 'Application to Host a Clinic' Form(12/07/143)

More information regarding referee instruction can be found on our Links Page.

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Chuck Locke, SDI

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