Referee Administration

The SRA carries out the policies of the National Referee Program at the State level. The SRA administers, implements, and plans the State Referee program at all levels. The SRA shall work in cooperation with the National and State Referee Committee in administering the Federation referees within the State through which they are registered and shall serve as a liaison between the State Associations.  The SRA is responsible for oversight of the Instruction, Registration, Assessment and Assignor programs of the State.

Young Referees of the Year (2014) Nominations

The annual Young Referee of the Year award honors those who have a strong work ethic, knowledge of the rules of the game and are positive role models Through the Young Referee of the Year program, US Youth Soccer helps foster the development of referees for the future of soccer in the United States. Many of the leagues around the country would not be able to cover all of their games but not for the involvement of youth referees. The national Male and Female Young Referees of the Year is announced at the US Youth Soccer Awards Gala, as a part of the US Youth Soccer adidas Workshop. The Young Referee of the Year recipients are awarded for their dedication to the game, their outstanding personal accomplishments, serving as role models to other youth referees and players, and for their excellence as recognized by their adult referee peers and mentors.

Each State Association in the Far West Region selects their young male and female Referee of the Year.  The Far West Region then selects the Regional YROR's and announces their selections at the Regional Tournament. 

To nominate male and female young referees for this honor, download the nomination form from the link shown below. Follow the directions on the USYS Nomination Form.  Send five (5) copies of the completed nomination form to Kevin S Yant, Colorado S(Y)RA at the address in the sidebar in the upper right corner of this web page.

Download Young Referee of the Year Nomination Form.

Referee Recertification for Grades 6 & 7

Click here to view 2015 Referee Recertification Requirements for Grades 6 & 7 (11/24/14)

Referee Advancement

What are the criteria for advancement?
For more information regarding the criteria for advancement, contact the State Referee Administrator Kevin Yant or the State Director of Assessment, Carl Rollins.

¿Cuál es el criterio que se utiliza para poder avanzar?
Para más información referente al criterio utilizado para avanzar como Árbitro, contacte al Administrador Estatal de Arbitraje, Kevin Yant o al Director Estatal de Evaluación de Árbitros, Carl Rollins.

 Click this link for an explanation of the  USSF Referee Grades

Referee Activity Record Books

Referees - download your copies of the Record Book, below, to help ensure you meet all the upgrade and annual maintenance requirements. This record will help you keep track of all requirements and will provide additional documentation for you during the upgrade process. 

Colorado Instruction, Assessment & Fitness Testing Record Book

(Click either link to download the Record book)
    Word Document         PDF Document

  Referee Match Log (MS Excel)


Requirements for Advancement in Grade (updated 05/23/2011)

State Referee 05 (05-23-2011) Prerrequisitos Para Subir a Grado 5 (S1) (05-23-2011)
State Referee 06  (05-23-2011) Prerrequisitos Para Subir a Grado 6 (S2) (05-23-2011
Referee 07 (05-23-2011) Prerrequisitos Para Subir a Grado 7 (R1) (05-23-2011)
At it's May 23, 2011 meeting, the CJRC modified the Assessment fees for Annual Maintenance and Advancement Assessments as follows:
Assessment Type Assessment Fee Admin. Fee Total Assessment Charge
Upgrade to 7  $             50.00  $            5.00  $          55.00
7 Maintenance  $             50.00  $            5.00  $          55.00
Upgrade to 6*  $             55.00  $            5.50  $          60.50
6 Maintenance  $             55.00  $            5.50  $          60.50
Upgrade to 5*  $             60.00  $            6.00  $          66.00
5 maintenance  $             60.00  $            6.00  $          66.00
For all Grades on Dev. Academy Matches: Upgrade or Maintenance Assessment (Fee per game)   $            75.00   $           7.50  $          82.50
For all Grades on PDL Matches: Upgrade or Maintenance Assessment (Fee per game)   $          100.00   $          10.00  $        110.00

Uniform Guidelines

View the Referee Program and SRA policy on uniforms.  Letter from your SRA.



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