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Our Mission

The Colorado Referee Committee promotes and carries out the National Program for Referee Development for all affiliated soccer within Colorado. The Committee sets policies within the state within the confines of the governing documents of U.S. Soccer and the National Program for Referee Development.

Our job is to TRAIN, PROMOTE, AND RETAIN REFEREES as outlined by the National Program.

2014 Recertification Is Open!

Classes for new referees are posted as scheduled in the online clinic registration above and started on August 1, 2013.  If you have not registered for 2014 you may not officiate any games until you have recertified for 2014.  Re-Registration for 2014 is now open for Grades 9, 8 and 7 referees. If you are a transfer referee please contact the State Registrar to verify and complete your registration.

Register at: https://coreferees.gameofficials.net/login.cfm.

For any other questions, please contact the State Registrar at Colorado Registrar, Christel Yant

  Clinic Registration  
Clinic Registration is open. You may search for available clinics by clicking the Clinics/Events in the Main Menu above.  However, to register for a clinic you must Login or create a login if you do not have one. These new processes are made through the GameOfficials website.  Help for the various steps can be displayed by picking the appropriate menu under the Help option in the Main Menu above. 

Please do not select clinics for Assignors, Assessors, or Instructors unless you have been invited to attend these courses or are recertifying in those categories.

Official Sports International is the exclusive Uniform and Equipment Sponsor of the Colorado Referee Committee (CRC). 
Click here for  a link to the OSI Starter Kit.  Click here to see what is included in the starter kit and ordering options.

New & Updated Items

  How to Become a Referee
  Recertification Requirements for Grades 7, 6 & 5

Referee Feedback

  Referee Request for Assessment
(Credit Card Payments Accepted) (03-20-12)

2013 CSA State Cup Rules (Nov 2013)
2013 CSA Presidents Cup Rules (Nov 2013)
SC/PC Meeting Notes

  FIFA Laws of the Game Videos (01-29-13)
  USSF Directives, Position Papers & Memorandums
  Guide to Procedures (2010-2011)
  Ask, Tell, Dismiss Notes (05-17-12)

Advancement Requirements

Colorado High School Officials (HSSO)

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